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100 000 euro
10% per annum
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Grigoriy Kuzmich
Co-founder, CEO
Engineering Company "ENECA" has been working on the design and BIM (Building Information Modelling) services market for 17 years. In 2017, the Company entered Western European market. Since October 2019, the Company has been a resident of the High-Tech Park (HTP) as a pioneer company using BIM-technologies in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
Financial stability of ENECA is ensured by diversified a backlog of orders in different sectors and markets.
Country diversification is achieved by distributing revenue across the markets. Outlook for 2021:
● Belarus — 40%
● Russian Federation and Kazakhstan — 35%
● EU and USA — 25%
We have projects in the following sectors: power engineering, including renewable energy, industrial enterprises, public and residential buildings. As well as works for high-quality photorealistic visualisation and virtual reality.
The main reason for attracting investments is active development on Swiss market by offering BIM-technologies services.
We are currently working on the opening of our new office in Zurich, which will deal with marketing, sales and technical maintenance. Our design centres are spread around Belarus, with the main office in Minsk. The average target value for revenue growth: 30−50% per year.
ENECA has been assigned BBB+ rating (outlook is neutral)

According to the assessment given by BIK Ratings, the Company in the short term will ensure the timely fulfilment of all current financial obligations and other obligations arising in the course of its activities. The probability of financial distress in the event of liabilities requiring significant lump sum payments is estimated to be below average.

The first rating agency in Belarus certified by the National bank of the Republic of Belarus.
ENECA's market and competitive positions are assessed as strong ones. The Company's plans to spread its business on the EU and Swiss markets may have a positive impact on the estimation of the market and competitive positions, and the Company's project portfolio is characterized by high diversification.
The analyst of the rating agency notes
that ENECA is one of the leaders on the BIM design market in the EAEU.
In the course of the rating assessment, the following positive factors that affect the level of the assigned rating in terms of creditworthiness have been revealed:

● Significant growth in assets (for 2018 — 1st quarter of 2021 the assets have grown by 2.3 times);
● Significant growth in revenue (for 2018 — 2020, the revenue has increased by 2.4 times);
● High ratios of cash sufficiency to redeem liabilities in terms of active business expansion;
● The share of foreign exchange earnings varies from 27% at the end of 2018 to 64% at the end of the first quarter of 2021. The main foreign currency is RUB, USD and EUR make a significant share, as well;
● Optimal ratio of foreign exchange earnings and foreign exchange liabilities, which ensures low foreign exchange risk;
● High geographical diversification of activities (apart from Belarus, the company does business in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, Switzerland and other countries);
● Well-developed strategy for the development of the Company for the medium term;
● Well-developed sales strategy can ensure an efficient promotion of the Company’s services.
More information on the assigned rating you may find in the press release

For more info about the Company
and Tokens, please read
the White Paper Declaration
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What is BIM (Building Information Modelling) and why do we work with It?
BIM-technology is a new approach to design and construction optimisation.

The main difference of BIM from the other types of design is collection and comprehensive processing of all data regarding the building in the united information system (BIM-model).

More efficient project coordination and interaction of its participants, efficient work processes, 3D-visualisation and high performance are only some of the advantages when using the technology.
Company's Competitive Advantages
Full-rate BIM-design of objects, quality control of the design solutions and their visualisation
Work for the benefit of the Client
Use of agile methodology and multidisciplinary teams in design process, which enables to meet Clients' requirements
Advanced technologies
Application of energy efficient and eco-friendly technologies in projects, feasible comparison of solutions
Efficient team
Professional management and team, advanced project management methods
Ability to design projects to extremely tight deadlines
Financial stability
Diversification of backlog of orders, risk-management and information security system
250 people

Our team — best design engineers in  Belarus
17 years

The Company has been successfully working since 2004

Since October 2019, due to application of BIM technology
>15 countries

More than 1000 completed projects in different markets
Grigoriy Kuzmich
Co-founder, CEO
17 years in the team
Alexander Nesterovich
Chief Engineer
11 years in the team
Alexander Dydikov
Design Director
11 years in the team
Sergei Kuzmich
Elena Shtanyuk
Marina Mikhailovskaya
Finance Director
15 years in the team
Sergey Korulin
Design Development Director
7 years in the team
Alexander Lebetsky
Commercial Director
12 years in the team
Quality Director
9 years in the team
Our Team
Graduated from Power Engineering Faculty of Belarusian National Technical University, has a MBA degree. At the moment, Grigoriy is concentrating on the Company's development for an international market
Extensive experience in design control of comprehensive projects, solutions of complicated technical issues, communication with Clients
Alexander controls the performance of all works for Belarusian and Russian markets. Extensive experience in Agile and multidisciplinary team adoption into the Company's work
13-year experience of work Switzerland, especially project management and development of relations with Clients
Establishment of quality management system, risk management policy and information security provision
Marina has been working in the Company since graduation from BNTU, has MBA degree at BSU. Extensive experience in establishment of management accounting, financial statements and business-planning
Experience in development of project management and human resources systems, adoption of ERP-system. Sergey is responsible for BIM-development
Extensive experience in marketing, sales and development of relations with key Clients on Belarusian and Russian markets, experience in adoption of CRM-system in the Company
More information about Tokens please read
in White Paper Declaration
What is Token?
Token is a digital currency represented by a record in the transaction block register (block chain). Token secures the Owner's possession of certain rights.
In this case, Token is a bond equivalent, which secures the Owner's right to:
1) obtain income during the circulation period;
2) return on investment at the end of the circulation period

Number of total issued Tokens, nominal values, and total emission
Tokens are nominated in Stable Coin, internal currency of Platform finstore.by. Stable Coin is a special type of cryptocurrencies, which are stable and pegged to real assets (1 EUR. sc = 1 EUR at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus).

ENECA has issued 1000 ENECA_(EUR_115) Tokens; nominal value 100 EUR. sc, in the amount of 100 000 EUR. sc

Tokens offering scheme
ENECA_(EUR_115) Tokens are offered by the ICO Provider through open sale using Platform www.finstore.by

Date of initial Tokens offering start: June 8, 2021
Date of initial Tokens offering end: June 7, 2022
Tokens circulation period: June 8, 2021— June 7, 2024

The interest rate for Tokens is determined in EUR. sc at the rate of 10% per annum.
High interest rates
No add fees
Opportunity for early repayment
Protection through blockchain
Fast and on-line
Regulated by the state
High interest rates
No add fees & taxes
Protection through blockchain
Regulated by the state
How it works
1. Sign-up
Follow the link to Finstore.by web-site

Sign up your personal account, where your virtual wallet is created and undergo verification procedure
2. Crediting of Stable Сoin wallet
The wallet may be credited using either a bank card, or the existing bank (current) account

Stable Сoin (SC) — payment unit of Finstore. by

1 EUR.sc = 1 EUR at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

3. Investments
Exchange Stable coin for ENECA Tokens

The acquired Tokens are stored on the platform in the virtual wallet
4. Income and return on investments
During ENECA Tokens circulation period, you obtain fixed interest in the amount of 10% per year

At the end of the Tokens circulation period, the initial amount of investments will be returned to you
Question - Answer
What is a Token?
You invest in Tokens — Token (digital unit) is a digital document of value, which is stored in Your virtual wallet on the Platform and secures Your rights.
In this case, this is the right to obtain an income from the money invested and to return the cost of Tokens at the end of their expiration.
What guarantees are provided for investors?
  • The guarantee of repayment is Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 8 "On the Development of the Digital Economy" dated December 21, 2017 Clause 4.4. According to Clause 4.4 of the Decree, a legal entity that has created and offered its Token through the HTP-resident, shall fulfil the Token-owner's requirements regarding Token creation and offering. Refusal to fulfil the Token-owner's requirements with reference to the absence of grounds for the obligation or its invalidity is not permitted.
  • Financial stability of ENECA (link to financial statements).
Where will investments go to?
The ICO Client offers Tokens to raise funding for further dynamic development in the following directions:
  • Deep development of BIM-design, use of virtual and augmented reality in design
  • Active entry into Western European market, first of all, Swiss market. To work not only with an outsourcing model, but also as a local EFTA market player with a design core team located in Belarus
  • Design of new projects in the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation using advanced energy efficient technologies
  • The Company's growth by involving new highly-qualified employees. The planned increase of the Company's personnel number is 20 — 30% per year
  • The increase of the Company's revenue and work profitability. The average target value for revenue growth — 30−50% per year
Why is the work of Belarusian engineers beneficial?
The cost of design works in Switzerland is 5−7 times higher than in Belarus. The essential part of design works cost price — specialists' salaries. The rates of Belarusian engineers are lower than the ones of engineers in Switzerland. In addition, BIM-design, on which ALC ENECA focuses on, enables to work remotely, make projects more multi-purpose and provide simultaneous work of specialists from different countries on the project.

Based on 3-year experience of work on Western European market,
ENECA team has proved that Belarusian engineers have knowledge and skills, which meet the international market requirements.
Who manages the Company?
ENECA is executed by a strong management team, which has been working in the Company for 10−17 years. The management team ensured the stability of the company along all 17 years.

ENECA founders actively participate in management and development of the Company.

Grigoriy Kuzmich — CEO of ENECA.
Grigoriy has been managing the Company since its foundation in 2004.

Sergei Kuzmich — CEO ENECA GmbH, Switzerland
Sergei has been living and working in Switzerland for 13 years. Sergei has extensive experience in project management (in Alstom Company) and sales and service (in KBA NotaSys Company)
Can I invest in ENECA, if I am an EU-citizen or citizen of some other country?
If you are not a resident of the Republic of Belarus, you can use platform Finstore.by (DFS LLC) for investing in Belarusian companies.
There are only some limitations for the work with non-residents. Please read the document called "Rules regarding forbidden jurisdictions".
If you have made a decision to purchase our tokened bonds please contact us or fill in the form on the web-site.

We will provide you with all information support:

  • We will help you to deal with details of work with the cryptoplatform;
  • We will advise you about Token purchase procedure in detail;
  • We will answer your questions.
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